Human rights violations in Iran are systematic

The Media Express

Throughout Iran, the repressive nature of the regime has become systematic, which has resulted in continued violations of the basic human right to life. The judiciary routinely executes individuals on questionable evidence and confessions obtained illegally, often through threats and torture.

Pravin Togadia's lost & found drama: Congress-led opposition uniting against Modi

Biranchi Narayan Acharya

On Monday, January 16, 2018, news came that VHP leader Pravin Togadia had gone missing. VHP members gathered and started protesting. Later on, in the evening, Togadia resurfaced at a hospital. According to him, the Rajasthan Police in connivance with the Gujarat Police was planning to kill him in a fake encounter. That's why he had to switch off his mobile phone and rush out of his house in an auto-rickshaw. Later on, he felt sick and became unconscious only to wake up in a hospital.