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Global Partnership Summit News

About GPS

The Global Partnership Summit (GPS) has evolved from the India Japan Global Partnership (IJGP) initiative and is a platform to integrate ideologies, ideas, initiatives, projects, processes, people and policies. It allows for global partners to share knowledge, expertise and resources and work towards a common objective of establishing an Alternative Development Model (ADM) framework. Through core values such as co-operation, collaboration and inclusivity, GPS aims to establish, models of development that will focus on empowerment and sustainability. GPS intends to converge the needs of today into the viability of tomorrow, thus becoming a formidable platform to take forward the mission of an all-encompassing, holistic development framework.

Message From Chairman & Founder Chairman

Hon. Toshihiro Nikai

Chairman: GPS 2017

The India-Japan Global Partnership (IJGP) has certainly been one of the most prolific strategic partnerships between the two nations. Leadership from both the countries have always understood the value, strength and potential of such a partnership. It has resulted in various initiatives, which have focused on empowerment and holistic development. We are very pleased to take this initiative further as the 'Global Partnership Summit.' We welcome all our Global Partners to participate in, support and contribute to this initiative. We strongly feel that the need of the hour is co-operation, collaboration and synergy between the Global Partners. GPS is certainly the right platform to bring it all together. We feel that the overriding philosophy of GPS is 'Omoiyari', a social intelligence that allows us to be compassionate, considerate and focus on the power of the collective. Together we can change the course of development in the world, and together we can make a difference.

Vibhav Kant Upadhyay

Founder Chairman: GPS | Chairman: ICF

Nearly two decades ago, with a single-minded determination to see a better, more responsible world, we started the India-Japan Global Partnership (IJGP) initiative. With strong support from the leadership of both the countries, IJGP managed to summarily change the development narrative. The mantra of the IJGP initiative was simple: 'What can India do for Japan, What can Japan do for India, What can India and Japan together do for the world?' India and Japan have already formed a formidable partnership - a relationship based on mutual respect, synergized strength and a vision of a sustainable future. It is now time to address how the two countries can contribute to world at large. This has prompted us to evolve the India-Japan Global Partnership Summit (IJGPS) into the Global Partnership Summit (GPS). Addressing both economies of scale and scope, the GPS promises to amalgamate and evolve socio-economic approaches that will empower humanity to create, sustain and grow. We welcome our Global Partners to this initiative where our shared vision, our strengths and our aspirations come together. This is a platform that will manifest a future that we deserve. Join us so that we can craft it together.

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