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Should an ally blackmail the Coalition on the eve of Presidential Election ?
The NDA and the UPA allies are not following the coalition rules.They try to blackmail the governmnt on the eve of the prez election? They behave like independent regional parties. It appears very shocking to all.
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Agree : 33.33 %
sunita gupta | Jan 02, 2014
yes , none of these coalition parties follow the ethics and moral of a clean politics and at the same time this coalition politics has given rise to horse trading thus black money into the politics . this is a grt joke in the name of democracy hence there should only be 2 or 3 parties . whomsoever is in majority should run the govt. yes , it appears shocking to all !!
Disagree : 66.67 %
Yusuf uz Zaman | Aug 12, 2014
This is arm twisting to the highest degree - if you have committed to be someone's side you should be by them, come what may. One should not change on the support that you have given there should be some permanency in a association.
Sanjay Chaturvedi | Aug 08, 2014
Actually the politics of every country is determined by its local issues. Both NDA and UPA have different reasons for behaving the same way. While UPA has become habitual of dictating what they want in all these years and still dont want to change themselves, NDA has come to power after so many years, and too with a bang. So they want each and every corner of the political and administration side to their advantage. Also, they may favour some of their senior leaders like Advani ji for the post of president.


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