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Movie Reviews serve no purpose today as most of them are paid
Moview Reviews used to be a pointers for audience to make their weekend plans. However, with too many reviewers and paid reviews flooding the market, its easy for a bad movie to get good ratings. Big production houses and famous directors always end up getting high ratings and thereby collect back their money in the opening week itself. In this background movie reviews in most channels stand to lose their credibility.
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Syamala | Mar 03, 2017
Most movie reviews are paid, no doubt.
Kirti Singla | Jan 02, 2017
Movie reviews are ,most of the times,biased and as the critics have their own axe to grind. The credulous public forms an opinion on the basis of these reviews and is easily duped. The reason behind this surely is the fast paced life where we hardly have time to discuss things with our friends. We rather prefer going through some review on the social media or news channels before taking a final decision. Take, 'Rang de Basanti' for example. Its reviews stopped public from drawing in theaters initially,but later on it prove to be a great hit and conveyed a great social message too. Though I am not sure weather they are paid or not, but I am unable to trust their authenticity and authority.
Virag Dhulia | Oct 16, 2016
Totally agree. So many reviews of low budget movies were not encouraging but the movie was definitely a worth watch. Do not read the critics reviews, they are making a lifestyle out of it. Read the user's review and your own brains to select a movie.
Ashish Kumar Sharma | Feb 04, 2015
You google about a movie review or rating & hundreds of sites will pop up with different ratings. None of them seem reliable. You go to see a movie with a good review & it turns out to be a disastrous one. None of the reviewers have a criteria to categorise movies as good or bad. Paid review is harmful in the interest of public.
saravanan m | Sep 08, 2014
yes i agree they are paid and one-sided it is actually tilting in one man favor.
Kamal Menon | Jan 29, 2014
Movie reviews never served any purpose at all. It is like going to a cafe and asking a random person to choose the coffee for you.
Anand Krishnan | Jan 07, 2014
No need of review for good movies before release, but today the competition is so high and many films fail to get success in box offices get this new way of review to fool people of rating 4 to 5 and when they witness the film and get fooled to be avoided, it`s also comes under cheating business
Yes, the way the reviews are purposefully done nowadays very categorically indicates a tendency to make a movie marketable done by a reputed house instead of judging the standard from an impartial point of view. Thus no real purpose is served only the monie lovers are decieved..
Rahim Padaniya | Aug 20, 2013
Jahnavi Gogoi | Apr 30, 2013
I feel it's better to watch a movie and decide for yourself.Personally,I rarely go by reviews as people are entitled to their opinions but they don't have to be mine.There are times when a film with really great reviews turns out to be pretty average and vice versa.A true film buff will never be discouraged by a scathing review but will always prefer to make up his or her own mind.
Ankur Sangma | Apr 20, 2013
How can we be sure that a particular review is paid? Reviews are always subjective. What is liked by somebody may not be liked by some others. Just because your taste doesnt match with the reviewer, you cannot call the review as paid.
Sharmila | Apr 20, 2013
As soon as you start accepting money for your reviews - you lose any chance of being neutral. Its not only movie reviews but true for gadgets, cars or restaurant reviews too.
Disagree : 27.78 %
Gaurav Mishra | Aug 16, 2016
I know and i will say disagree. This all is practical that so called paid writing or promo i mean it may be a way of promotion but how long a review writer can misguide you, hardly once or twice. After 2nd time you are going to get it that particular writer or site is doing that paid reviews its simple to look for another. I think not all of them are getting paid but they might go for a watch they invest the time and money of themselves and they feel connected to the story and they write what does it makes them to write.
vignesh kamath k | Jul 19, 2016
yea doubt!! i feel shame while watching some of the news channels...even though the movies are worst, they used to say "movie is really good, action is very good, songs are really melodious and all"...why?...what might be the reason?.. the reason is "Movie Reviews serve no purpose today as most of them are paid"
Saurabh gupta | Dec 19, 2014
It depends as if you start searching the reviews on the very first day and or week of the movie then you are certainly going to get a biased or paid reviews however if your patience can be stalled for more than a week or two, you will get a quite unbiased reviews. Most popular sites for such being ( that I follow mostly) Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, The Hindu review article.
No , all movie reviews are not paid for . Another important thing is that Money has nothing to do with the review. Yes, what is available without money? If a reviewer takes money for review, that is like a salary taken by a teacher for making a student aware . Here also a reviewer makes a viewer aware of the great points in the film. Even if it is a praise , no harm.
Ankur Sangma | Apr 20, 2013
How can we be sure that a particular review is paid? Reviews are always subjective. What is liked by somebody may not be liked by some others. Just because your taste doesnt match with the reviewer, you cannot call the review as paid.


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