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Need for China’s healing touch
China has for long ruled the Tibetans in their homeland and the Tibetans have raised their voice against the Chinese regime. However, China has been ignoring turning a blind eye on the human rights violation in Tibet and it’s time China must wake up.
Let’s heal the wound
TIBET AND China have had a long history of rise, flourish and disintegration in the span of their dynastic empires. There was a time when Tibet came under the direct influence of Mongols as was China during Kublai Khan, or, for that matter, ancient China had to bear the scourge of Tibetan army during King Srongtsan Gampo’s time. There is no denying that simmering agreements and disagreements regarding the historical interpretation of the change in the contours of the empires remained though.
China has all along destroyed the historical narratives during the course of her 59-year-old communist rule to suit her burgeoning political designs. Or, it could be in order to salvage her Han pride, which had been thrashed hard in the 40s under Japan. Tibet, Inner Mongolia and East Turkestan became an easy prey to re-assert her growing power and thereby, restore Chinese Han pride. So whatever, better leave the conjectures to the scholars to debate and probe into the historical complexities. Let’s only hope they could sieve the truth from the ‘untruth’ and come out with the most incisive, in-depth and unbiased narratives.
Tibet issue came up again this time and hue and cry over rights violation ceases to cause sleepless nights to modern China. Beginning with a few motley of monks, the numbers of pro-democracy protestors grew into a huge crowd, joined in by the lay Tibetans, shouting slogans of ‘freedom’, ‘long live Dalai Lama’, resonated on to the streets of Lhasa. It is the second largest demonstration ever after the 1959 Uprising in Lhasa, which shook the power corridors of Beijing.
The Tibetans inside Tibet have raised their voice again, if voice was ever to be found, pulling up China again and revealing the world their long buried resentment and sufferings as a result of Chinese oppressions since 50s. The Free World, for the first time, saw the diabolic tapestry of propaganda, covert bullying or market economy being offered as a carrot, being played unabashedly in an effort to bury the rights of a minority people under the carpet of the conscience of the world. The verdict is still pending. My prediction is that the Olympics will remain unharmed and the Great Torch will surely be lit with all the pomp of the state on the Tibetan Tiananmen Square. Oh! The fact that public memory is so short is but lamentable. Who cares? As they say ‘the economics makes sense in this modern market driven world’.
In this age and time, we must bury animosity, recrimination and disputes – not to move on with our lives as if nothing’s happened but rather surge ahead in a spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation. It is not in the interest of China to disrepute herself by denying basic democratic rights to her minority nationals, nor helpful for the Tibetans outside Tibet to engage in besmirching China at every step of opportunity. Nothing is gained by indulging in arguments over some historical facts or for that matter, bulldozing rights of Tibetans. They know, we know that even the world is not turning a blind eye to the fact that human rights matter.
Tibetans are not anti-Chinese: there are some who aspire for genuine autonomy and others dream of ‘independence’. His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, espouses the rights of Tibetans to pursue their lives in the richness of their own ancient Buddhist heritage and he is even ready to accept Chinese sovereignty over Tibet. Is he asking too much for his people? On the contrary, is China gaining an iota of prestige in the international community by constantly relying on its state propaganda and diplomatic duplicity?
It’s time China regained her sense and installed her world leadership by treading on the path of truth, reconciliation and peaceful dialogue. Will somebody stand up and tell her that the time has arrived?
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